Thursday, August 4, 2011

Got side tracked

well alot has been are some pics to give you an idea of just how much...

started new club Gearheads Anonymous

Ran (me) got hit on the sporty and broke his neck and back...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dandenongs, Reefton hotel and then around the back of the Dandenongs and home again.

first outing for triple6shooters smc

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just photos....

Well how cool is part of the FTW movement........ok so im based down in Melbourne Australia.......we are the mexicans of Australia....and very happy about that...... was when i was learking about on the net that i noticed a club in Japan called Basara..and i was like thats how to build and ride i had never gotten around to getting my license i had to go out and get it...and now have the dreaded Ls...for the next 3 months! But then i can get my Ps and a year later will be fully licenced..... i started with a XS 250..but decided she was too much fn about due to cutting off the rear in my excitment..over here getting modified bikes registered is a pain in the ass...

So i went out and purchased a stock VX250, a little bike that really is just a mini HD ripoff..but it is a means to get me on the road...and after getting it registered i have proceeded to turn it into something that does not resemble a virago....and make it fun to ride.....

I am already looking for a bigger love to find a shovel rigid or alike...... but a trupy would also suit.......ill be posting more soon....adventures.....builds......

build it - ride it - Own it......


Friday, November 5, 2010

A guide to getting the most out of the spurs

Today I hitup St Andrews to Kinglake, then across to Healesville and over the black spur to Marysville then across Reefton Spur and down in to the upper yarra valley.

These roads are hands down the best around but they suffer from a rather severe police presence. Unfortunately there have been many fatalities so nowadays Cops hide in bushes and play all sorts of sneaky tricks to try and nab speeders, bikes are their main target.

The trick is to avoid the area at times when they are haunting it, Saturday and sunday afternoons are the worst. As are weekdays when its school holidays. Early mornings have always worked well for me and this time round a Friday evening also turned out perfect as I didn't spot one cop & had little traffic to overtake, just 150 odd km of corners to enjoy.

A Shot over Marysville showing damage from the black Saturday bush fires

Turn off to lake mountain

Looking down into the Upper Yarra Valley, again totalled by bush fires

Trying to get a shot of the road through my visor = Fail

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding in Oz

Hello All, well looks like this blog need to be updated! The last one was end of 09 and I think we need some fresh content. Im in Sydney so I can best tell you of the ride through the National Park in the Shire which is in the south. One of the best roads around (due to the fact they have fixed it up recently), so its alot of knee down and hold on! Then once you get to the Stanwell Tops (where the handgliders are) its a case of sitting around chatting and boasting to other riders before howling off down the road again! What an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning!

OK< must go now, work calls and all that...I'll post some photos and other bits ASAP..


Wednesday, December 23, 2009