Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding in Oz

Hello All, well looks like this blog need to be updated! The last one was end of 09 and I think we need some fresh content. Im in Sydney so I can best tell you of the ride through the National Park in the Shire which is in the south. One of the best roads around (due to the fact they have fixed it up recently), so its alot of knee down and hold on! Then once you get to the Stanwell Tops (where the handgliders are) its a case of sitting around chatting and boasting to other riders before howling off down the road again! What an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning!

OK< must go now, work calls and all that...I'll post some photos and other bits ASAP..


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  1. Just to let you know there is someone out here reading this blog and waiting for the post! Love to contribute at some stage myself, if BMW riders and mad cyclists are welcome? Need a bit more FTW presence down under!

    Cheers Stu!