Friday, November 5, 2010

A guide to getting the most out of the spurs

Today I hitup St Andrews to Kinglake, then across to Healesville and over the black spur to Marysville then across Reefton Spur and down in to the upper yarra valley.

These roads are hands down the best around but they suffer from a rather severe police presence. Unfortunately there have been many fatalities so nowadays Cops hide in bushes and play all sorts of sneaky tricks to try and nab speeders, bikes are their main target.

The trick is to avoid the area at times when they are haunting it, Saturday and sunday afternoons are the worst. As are weekdays when its school holidays. Early mornings have always worked well for me and this time round a Friday evening also turned out perfect as I didn't spot one cop & had little traffic to overtake, just 150 odd km of corners to enjoy.

A Shot over Marysville showing damage from the black Saturday bush fires

Turn off to lake mountain

Looking down into the Upper Yarra Valley, again totalled by bush fires

Trying to get a shot of the road through my visor = Fail

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